Xtend-Life is a unique brand of all-natural skincare products and other all-natural dietary supplements. The company, which is officially called Xtend-Life Natural Products, was launched in the year 2000, and to date they have served nearly a quarter of a million customers from all around the world.

Unlike most other health and beauty manufacturers, Xtend-Life products are not distributed via traditional brick and mortar stores. Instead, you order the products you want online directly from the company, and then the company ships them from their facility in New Zealand.

Another thing which makes this company rather unique is the fact that they have their own state-of-the-art laboratory and their own government approved manufacturing facility. According to the Company’s official website, their primary mission is to offer unrivalled quality at affordable prices, along with impeccable customer service.

Xtend-Life Skin Care Solutions

At Xtend-Life Natural Products, the emphasis has always been on using only the purest natural ingredients in all their skin care products. None of their creams, lotions and/or serums contains any preservatives, and none of them contain any artificial fragrances.

The company has even said in the past that their skin care products are so natural and so pure, that you could essentially eat them without causing yourself any harm. I am not sure about you, but in my opinion, that is certainly a VERY reassuring statement if you are fussy about what you put on your skin.

Every ingredient used in a particular product is mentioned on the label and/or packaging material and the company guarantees that all labels are 100% accurate. Based on the countless Xtend-Life reviews which I have studied in the past, their most popular skin care products tend to be anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams, although their skin moisturizers and their night creams also seem to be very popular.

Xtend-Life Dietary Supplements

As with their range of skin care products, Xtend-Life dietary supplements also contain only all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used in any of the company’s products. They also have a very impressive range of supplements to choose from, and they have trained and qualified employees available to offer advice to potential customers who are unsure as to which supplements would be best for them.

Based on the research I have done in the past, the company’s range of omega-3 fish oil supplements appear to be very popular. The fish oil used in their supplements is derived from fish that are harvested from the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand, and it is said to be of a very high quality. The ocean waters in this region are amongst the cleanest in the world. This is partly due to ocean currents, but also because New Zealand has some of the strictest environmental laws on the planet.

Prices and Affordability

If you are looking for the cheapest skin care products money can buy, or the cheapest dietary supplements money can buy, then Xtend-Life is probably not the right brand for you. I wouldn’t say that their products are expensive, but they are also not cheap. There are countless other brands which are far cheaper but I seriously doubt if they are of the same quality.

Xtend-Life is not a brand name you will see being advertized on TV or in glossy magazines. According to the company, this is because TV commercials and other big advertizing campaigns cost a considerable amount of money, and they feel that it is better to rather spend the money on further research, product developments and enhancements. They also point out that it helps them to keep their prices down.

The company relies heavily on “word of mouth” advertizing and affiliate marketing. Word of mouth advertizing is of course a very powerful form of advertizing, and affiliate marketing can be incredibly powerful as well, but it does not come without risks.

Reviews and Affiliates

You can find an almost endless number of Xtend-Life online reviews, and as is to be expected, there are both good and bad reviews. I myself have written an in-depth Xtend-Life review not too long ago. I have been using their skincare products for quite sometime. My husband and I have also been using their various nutritional supplements. The review which I wrote was based on personal experience with this company and also it was based on all the information I gathered while doing a considerable amount of research online.

As a customer and also while I was doing the research, I learned quite a lot about this company as well as their products. First and foremost, I noticed that most of their customers were/are genuinely happy with the quality of Xtend-Life products, and most customers believe Xtend-Life products are very reasonable as far as prices are concerned.

I also stumbled across numerous complaints from past customers. The vast majority of these complaints were about poor customer service. This is somewhat ironic because the company says that they take great pride in their level of customer service. Fortunately for Xtend-Life, positive reviews far outnumber negative reviews.

One issue which I personally feel this company should address, is their reliance on affiliate marketers. I myself am an affiliate marketer, so I feel that I am qualified to comment about this. Affiliate marketers can generate a considerable amount of revenue for a company, but they can also be bad for business.

While I was gathering information about this company, I came across numerous comments relating to the company’s reliance on affiliate marketers. I also came across complaints about the company taking advantage of false reviews. Some people accuse Xtend-Life of paying people to write false positive reviews.

Personally, I don’t believe such claims are legitimate. I have done a considerable amount of research concerning this company, so I am fully aware of the fact that there are many bogus reviews out there. However, I don’t believe that this company paid anyone to write false reviews. Instead, I believe that overly ambitious affiliate marketers are to blame. This can and does happen to any company that runs an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers are entitled to write reviews, and many of them, including myself, put a lot of effort into writing honest and unbiased reviews, but obviously you will always have some affiliate marketers who are only interested in getting some commission. Xtend-Life has strict policies regarding their affiliate program, so if you come across any suspicious looking reviews, I am sure the company would love to hear from you.