If you are reading this, then there’s a strong possibility that you’re contemplating on buying a new bed from Hayneedle? This Company is very well known, not only for their beds, but also for all the other types of furniture they offer. However, being very well known does not in itself mean everything. As is always the case with online purchases, buyers need to feel a sense of security; they need to know if they well and truly can trust a supplier.

Reading reviews can prove to be an invaluable precaution, but we should not forget that businesses can pay people to write favorable reviews, in which case those reviews will be of no use to you. You also quite often have competitors posting negative reviews, in the hope that they might get more customers as a result. In fact, there are even review sites out there that only publish negative reviews, in which case, these will also be of no real value.

My aim is to write reviews which are as accurate as possible. A review based on the opinion of one individual is in my opinion a bit misleading. To counter this, I study countless reviews before actually sitting down to write a review myself. As a result, the reviews I write are based on the opinions of hundreds of people, and this review is no different. Carry on reading to find out whether you should or should not purchase your new platform bed from Hayneedle.

Hayneedle and their Platform Beds

Hayneedle was originally founded in 2002. In the beginning it was essentially only a single-website venture specializing in hammocks. The original store was a huge success, and as a result, the founder, Doug Nielson, believed there was a lot of demand for online “niche” stores, which in turn prompted him to set up NetShops, a business which went on to become one of the fastest growing suppliers of home furniture and other related décor products.

In 2009, the Company’s name was officially changed to Hayneedle, and soon established itself as a Top 20 Retailer. Currently, Hayneedle is ranked 85 on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide. With more than 3000 brands, and over 2 million products available, the Company is nowadays one of the world’s largest online retailers

Hayneedle is also well known for affordable good quality beds, with some platform beds selling for less than $100. Not surprisingly, the Company also sells all related accessories, including fitted sheets; pillow cases, and etc.


  • Easy and Convenient – You can browse and order a bed and bedding from the comfort of your own home.
  • Value for Money – It simply cannot be denied that their platform beds offer exceptional value for your money.
  • Quick Shipping – Multiple fulfillment centers mean that the Company is able to dispatch virtually all orders within two days.
  • Free Delivery – While there are some exceptions, most items purchased are delivered free of charge. The price you see is the price you pay, with no nasty little surprises along the way.


  • Massive Variety – Hayneedle stocks a huge variety of products, and their platform beds are no exception. Their range of styles and brands is very impressive to say the least, and most shoppers are more or less guaranteed of finding a bed they really like.
  • Beds for All Budgets – With some of their beds costing less than $100, Hayneedle is clearly attempting to make nice looking beds available for everyone, regardless of what their budgets are.
  • Easy Assembly – Many customers have been surprised at just how easy it was for them to assemble their orders once they arrived. As a rule, all large items of furniture, including platform beds, are shipped with easy to follow instructions. Based on the research I’ve done, even people who are not at all technically minded are able to assemble their beds without any difficulty at all.
  • Free Shipping – At the time of me writing this review, all products costing more than $50 are shipped free of charge, but if you are in a great hurry for your bed, you can pay a bit extra to have it delivered to you via FedEx.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Most items are covered by a “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee” but as is to be expected, not all products are covered. To this end, it is advisable to read the Company’s “Satisfaction Guarantee” policy before placing an order.
  • Easy and Convenient – As is always the case with online shopping, people can browse and shop on Hayneedle at their own leisure, and from the comfort of their own home. I’ve also read countless reviews where customers have commented on how easy and how straightforward the ordering process is.
  • Complimentary Products – In line with good selling practices, Hayneedle has made sure that customers, who order beds from them, can also order a range of other related products, including things like headboards; bedside tables, fitted sheets; bedspreads and etc. This can be incredibly beneficial particularly if you shop while the Company has a site-wide sale going on. The savings to be had can be truly remarkable.


  • Possible Delivery Delays – Unfortunately, Hayneedle seems to get an unusually high number of negative reviews concerning delivery times. From what I have managed to determine, these delivery issues stem from the fact that the Company outsources deliveries to third party trucking firms. At present, it seems as though optional FedEx delivery is the only option if you want a guaranteed timely delivery. With all of that having been said, thousands of customers do receive their orders on time.
  • Possible Damage – I have come across a lot of reviews in which people have complained about their orders arriving damaged. Again, such occurrences seem to be the fault of trucking firms rather than Hayneedle. Nevertheless, regardless of whose fault it is, customers do not appreciate receiving goods that have been damaged, even if the Company is happy to refund or replace.


Platform beds from Hayneedle site start at around $100 for their budget beds, with top of the range beds costing around $1,000 or more. For the most part, the Company offers some of the best prices you’re likely to come across, and even more so if you spend some time on the site sniffing out special offers and etc. All prices are listed in USD.

Geographical Availability

Hayneedle only ships platform beds to valid street addresses within the United States. Many smaller items available from the Company can be shipped internationally however. The best way to determine if a particular bed can be shipped to you would be to select the bed you like and then click on the “shipping info” link. The system will automatically detect your location and say whether or not the bed can be delivered to you.

Reviewer’s Recommendation and/or Suggestions

Hayneedle is a massive Company with hundreds of thousands of happy customers, but sadly, there does seem to be an unusually high number of negative reviews. Such negative reviews are almost exclusively a result of delayed deliveries, and items arriving damaged. While damaged goods can be replaced, it can still be very disappointing, and the same applies to delivery delays.

Because their prices are so good, I would still recommend using Hayneedle for buying platform beds, but I do think potential customers should keep the following points in mind:

  1. There is a very real possibility of your bed being delivered later than you expect unless you opt for FedEx delivery.
  2. Because the Hayneedle outsource deliveries, there is also a real possibility of your bed arriving damaged. If this happens, they will replace or refund but it can still be disappointing, and it obviously results in a delay before you can start using the bed.

If you would like to find additional information about Hayneedle, or if you would like to view their vast range of platform beds, then