Coffee and tea are popular drinks, which is why you can find a coffee shop in nearly every corner today. Of course, many people grow tired of shelling out $5-8 per day for a single cup of coffee. Purchasing coffee or tea by the bag for home use is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage without breaking the bank.

Hawaii Coffee Company offers a large selection of exotic coffees and teas, and each of the partner companies are dedicated to offer the very best quality, along with exotic, tropical flavors that make their products stand out.

After thoroughly checking out the Hawaii Coffee Company website, reading customer testimonials, checking reviews on Yelp, and reading customer comments on their social media pages, I’ve created an unbiased, honest Hawaii Coffee Company review that offers you a one-stop guide to this company and the products they offer.

About the Hawaii Coffee Company

The Hawaii Coffee Company is the world’s largest roaster of Kona Coffee and is also the leading supplier of coffee to Hawaii’s retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. The company was born when Lion Coffee and Royal Kona formed a partnership, choosing the name, Hawaii Coffee Company. Now, the company includes a partnership of three different companies, including:

  • Lion Coffee – Lion Coffee has the distinction of being the oldest major coffee company in America. First started in Ohio, the company later moved to Hawaii in 1979 to focus on working with only American-grown beans. The Company’s slogan is “the cup that cheers” and the company focuses their efforts on using the finest beans, freshness, and fancy roasting techniques. A few of the popular Lion coffees include Toasted Coconut, Lion Original, Vanilla Macadamia, and Lion 24K Kona Coffee.
  • Royal Kona Coffee – Superior Coffee and Tea, a Chicago company, purchased a small coffee roaster in 1968. The roaster had been roasting a little known, Kona coffee bean. The company moved completely to Hawaii in 1990 and the 100% Kona and Kona blends are a popular choice in businesses across Hawaii. Popular Royal Kona coffees include Royal Kona Peaberry, Royal Kona Estate, and the Royal Kona Mountain Roast.
  • Hawaiian Islands Tea Company – This company was launched in Hawaii in 1995 and in 2004, it joined with the Hawaii Coffee Company. The company focuses on using premium quality tea leaves, blending delicious green and black teas with delicious island flavors, including Coconut, Hibiscus, Passion Fruit, Macadamia, and Mango. Tropical teas available include Pineapple Waikiki Tropical Black Tea, Hibiscus Honey Lemon Tropical Green Tea, and Coconut Macadamia Herbal Nut Tea.

The partnership of these three companies under the Hawaii Coffee Company name provides coffee and tea lovers with a one-stop shop where they can purchase their Hawaiian coffees and teas.

Benefits Offered by the Hawaii Coffee Company

  1. Benefit #1Excellent Specials and Discounts – Simply head to the “All Specials” tab on the website, where you’ll find the current specials available. Current specials include free shipping within the continental USA for orders over $99. Buyers outside of the continental USA can still enjoy $10 off orders that are over $99.
  2. Benefit #2Coupons are Available – If you’re a coffee lover that enjoys saving, you’ll appreciate that the Hawaii Coffee Company offers coupons and other discounts as well. All you need to do is provide your email information. You can choose to get three different emails, including:
    • Wednesday Weekly Specials – This includes coupons, weekly specials, and site-wide discounts
    • Last Call – Quick reminders before clearance items, sales, or coupon expire
    • Saturday Spotlight – New spotlights with super lower prices
    • You can also choose to get all three of these emails to maximize your savings
  3. Benefit #3Multipacks are Great for Office Use – Multipack options, such as the Royal Kona Super Sampler, are excellent for companies purchasing coffee for office use. K-cups and pods are also available, which also help fit the varied tastes of larger offices. These options also take away the pain of measuring out coffee, which can be time consuming in an office setting. Many busy professionals that want to save time also appreciate these pre-measured options.
  4. Benefit #4Vacuum Packed Coffees – Since oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee, the Hawaii Coffee Company ensures that coffees are vacuum packed. This removes every bit of oxygen from the container, keeping the coffee fresher longer. The bags also include valves on the bags to keep oxygen from getting in while allowing coffee emissions to escape, which also improves freshness and shelf life.
  5. Benefit #5Create an Online Account – It’s easy to create an online account with the Hawaii Coffee Company. It only takes a couple minutes to create the account with your email address, name, and shipping details. Once you create an account, you’ll enjoy faster checkouts, the ability to create a wish list, and you can track any new orders you make. It’s also possible to save several shipping addresses and view your order history when you have an account.
  6. Benefit #6Club Packages – The Hawaii Coffee Company offers several club packages that offer great savings. The 5 Bag Kona Club includes 5 bags of Lion or Royal Kona 100% Kona Coffee per month for only $89.75/month. The 5 Bag Club allows consumers to mix and match Royal Kona or Lion flavored coffees and coffee blends for just $39.95/month. The 5 Bag Peaberry Club offers customers 5 bags of Royal Kona or Lion 100% Peaberry Kona, one of the most popular products, for just $117.25/month. It’s possible to choose deliveries every other month or every month when you join the coffee club.

The Pros

  • Free shipping on orders over $99 within the continental USA
  • Multiple flavors of coffee and tea are available
  • Ground coffee, coffee beans, single serve packets, filter pods, and K-cups are offered
  • Club discounts are available with a qualified club plan
  • Browse items on the website or request a catalog
  • Customer service is available via the contact us form or by calling the Company’s toll free number
  • The coffee has a shelf life of 12 months
  • No sugar, nut allergens, or gluten is used in the Company’s flavorings
  • One pot samplers are available, making it possible for you to try the coffee before purchasing a larger bag of the flavor
  • Multiple gift sets are available, allowing you to give the gift of coffee or tea
  • Multiple shipping options are available
  • Coupons, discounts, and clearance items
  • Quality coffees & teas from the company are served in the best restaurants and hotels in Hawaii

The Cons

  • Prices are more expensive than most coffee brands found in your local grocery store
  • Shipping is more expensive for customers outside of the United States

Hawaii Coffee Company Pricing

Compared to other gourmet coffees and teas, the prices at the Hawaii Coffee Company are a bit more expensive. However, the company offers high quality products that consumers feel are worth the price. The company also offers promotions and coupons that you can take advantage of, reducing the price. Club pricing also has the potential to save you money, and free UPS ground shipping is offered with club packages for customers within the continental USA.

Geographical Availability

The Hawaii Coffee Company ships to the Continental USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Canada. International Shipping is also available to certain countries, such as England, Japan, France, and Australia. Learn more about the countries the company ships to by visiting their shipping page. If your country is not listed, you can call or email the company to find out if they will ship to your country.

Reviewer Recommendations

Although the price is a bit more expensive than some other gourmet coffee companies are, the quality of the coffee seems to justify the price, and it’s still cheaper than purchasing your coffee at a local coffee shop each day. A look at customer ratings on the website shows that most of the company’s products have a 5-star rating from consumers. Since the company includes one of the oldest US coffee companies, it’s easy to see that quality and customer service are a top priority for the company. The well-appointed website, great specials, and the availability of coupons also increase the rating of this company. Overall, the product gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The only reason I didn’t give this company a 5-star rating was due to their higher prices.

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