Let’s face it, for a lot of people, a vehicle is simply a means of getting from point A to point B, but for countless others, it is far more than just a mode of transport. An exceptionally large percentage of the population wants their vehicles to look nice. Millions of dollars are spent each year on accessories that are designed to enhance the appearance, and an even greater amount is spent on spare parts.

As with so many other commodities, the internet has become a popular shopping ground for vehicle owners who are in search of parts or accessories. These days there are several online distributors offering their wares at prices that simply cannot be matched by regular brick and mortar stores. However, when you shop for goods online, there is always a certain degree of risk involved. Will you actually get the exact item you order? Are your credit card details safe; how long will you have to wait, and will the vendor even ship your order in the first place?

Today, Auto Parts Warehouse is one of the biggest online distributors of auto parts and accessories, but does that mean you should place your trust in them? Read on to find out.


Auto Parts Warehouse was established in 1995 and has grown to be one of the biggest and cheap auto parts online store in the United States. They have warehouses strategically located in several States, and their website currently welcomes more than two million visitors every month.

According to their website, they stock accessories and after sales parts for virtually all vehicle brands, including the likes of Porsche; Rolls Royce; Lamborghini and etc. As one customer wrote in a review I recently read, “If you can drive it on the road, you can find parts and accessories for it at Auto Parts Warehouse”.

They are also widely known for their exceptionally low prices, and in many cases, you can find parts and accessories that cost up to 70% less than what you would pay at a regular retailer. Additionally, the Company routinely has special offers running in one form or another, including things like discount coupons and reward points.


Apart from the fact that you can view their product range or order your parts and accessories from the comfort of your living room, there are also several other notable benefits to be had, including the following:

  • Incredibly low prices
  • Very easy to navigate the website
  • Ordering parts or accessories is straightforward and quick
  • Excellent Customer Service – email; live chat and phone support


Please note that nearly all the “Pros” can be found listed in other reviews relating to this distributor. In other words, they are generally the most frequently highlighted pros, but certainly not the only ones I can think of.

  • Rock bottom prices – Low prices are essentially what have helped Auto Parts Warehouse to become such a formidable force. The company advertises a “lowest Price Guarantee” and in many instances, they genuinely do have the lowest prices. If you find the identical product elsewhere for less than their price, they will match that price, but it should be noted that this is subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • All makes and models – If your vehicle can be driven on public roads, you will almost certainly be able to find parts and accessories for it on the Auto Parts Warehouse website. They honestly do carry an almost infinite amount of stock. They also stock nearly all the most popular brands.
  • Free shipping – The Company promises free domestic shipping for all orders of $50 or more. However, this does not include Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Excellent customer service history – Favorable customer service reports can be found in virtually all the reviews I have trawled through. Unlike many other online merchants, Auto Parts Warehouse offer three different customer support channels: email support; live chat, and phone support.
  • User friendly – Everything about the site is as user friendly as you would want it to be. The site is incredibly easy to navigate your way around; placing an order is very straightforward, and checkout is a breeze. I also really like the idea that I have the option of placing my order over the phone if I want to.
  • Reputation – Auto Parts Warehouse has been in business for the past twenty years, which in my opinion is quite an achievement by any standards.


While it is clear that millions of customers have been very happy with their Auto Parts Warehouse dealings, there are however some customers who have had bad experiences with this company. The most common complaints tend to be the following:

  • Shipping wrong parts – Some past customers have reported that the parts and/or accessories they received were not the same as those they actually ordered. Most have acknowledged that the Company was willing to replace the items or issue refunds, but they feel that the company should do more to ensure such mistakes don’t happen.
  • Delayed shipping – There have been a number of complaints relating to late shipping. In some of these cases, orders were only shipped a week or more after the date on which they should have been shipped.
  • Offshore customer service – I’ve read a few reviews where customers have complained that when they phoned customer service, they ended up speaking to help desk operators who appear to be Filipinos. Even if this is the case, I think it is worth mentioning that many large businesses outsource certain administrative duties.
  • Difficulty obtaining refunds – While I have come across countless examples of customers praising Auto Parts Warehouse for quick and easy refunds, I have also come across a number of reports claiming that the company makes it difficult to get a refund.


Auto Parts Warehouse markets itself as being one of the cheapest online parts and accessories distributors, and a quick visit to their website will confirm this. The Company also has a Reward Program, and regularly offers other money saving options such as discount coupons; cash back offers and etc.

Geographical Availability

Auto Parts Warehouse typically only ships to address in the United States. International buyers are advised to use an American shipping agent, and to have their orders shipped to an address provided by the agent, who will then in turn arrange for it to be delivered to your home address outside of the USA.

Reviewer Recommendation and Suggestions

Would I recommend ordering parts or accessories from Auto Parts Warehouse? Yes, but I would only recommend it to people living in the United States. I would also suggest taking the following steps:

  1. If you want the company to match a lower price, try to get verification prior to placing your order.
  2. Take some time to read through Company’s FAQ page, and if there is anything that isn’t clear, contact customer support.
  3. If possible, pay for your order via PayPal or use your credit card. Both these methods will provide you with an extra level of protection, should you be unfortunate enough to encounter difficulties further down the road.

If you would like to find additional information on the biggest and cheap auto parts online store, or view some of the products they have available, then