Life is made of water. Our bodies are comprised of about 70 percent water. The oceans and the rivers sustain us. In fact, all life on our planet, whether plant or animal life depends upon water. Without clean water, none of us could survive or flourish.

Sadly, clean water is not always available. Around the world water has had problems. Due to contaminants, our water may not be as healthy as it should be. It’s no surprise that the quality of our drinking water in many areas has taken a hard hit. Deterioration of water purity has been in the news for years. Even bottled water has been called into question, with many contaminants being found inside bottled water that are not healthful in any way. That means that bottled water is not always an option.

Even in cleaner and healthier cities, additives to the water such as chlorine may be found in very high quantities that introduce chemicals to our bodies as well as making the water taste bad.

Many cities and municipalities add chemicals to their water. In some cases chemicals or high mineral content exists due to the geographic area in which you live. This can be problematic for cleaning as well as for drinking. The taste can be unpalatable to the point where we don’t want to drink the amount of water that we should and in some cases to the point where laundry and other things are difficult to accomplish due to staining.

Fortunately we do have some alternatives and some recourse when it comes to assuring that the water that we drink and otherwise use is pure. Filtration can assist us to cleanse the water. Depending on the filtration used, either all of the water in the whole house can be cleaned or just specific faucets.

Aquasana Water Filter

Based in Austin Texas, Aquasana has been in business for more than twenty years. The leading supplier of water filtration systems, Aquasana company markets their products around the world earning multiple awards over the years for their work in water purification.

There are an endless array of water filter systems from which to choose. One such filter system is Aquasana water filtration systems.

Aquansana covers a broad range of different water filter needs. From home filtration to restaurant or industrial filtration systems, Aquasana can provide for nearly any sized establishment.

Aquasana offers both pitcher based or situational water filtration systems as well as whole house water systems.

The Aquasana water filter provides for removal of chlorine from the water as well as Fluoride, dependent upon which filtration system that you purchase.
If you are using well water or depending upon your water source, Aquasana will send you a free water testing kit so that your water can be tested to determine what contaminants are actually in the water, which will help them to get you the right filter system for your area.

The water filters from Aquasana are NSF Certified. They are known to reduce or to remove more than 60 common water contaminants. The filters will remove more than 95 percent of the chlorine and chloramines. Futher they will remove more than 99% of the existent lead, asbestos, turbidity and VOCs that are present in your water.


  1. Aquasana offers delivery of the filters that you need for your filtration system
  2. The filters can remove as many as sixty different types of contaminants
  3. The company will provide you with a free testing kit so that you can know for sure what types of contaminants are part of your water source.
  4. Removing the contamination from your water will make it taste better and be healthier, something that may contribute to your family drinking more healthy water rather than soft drinks and other drinks that are less healthy.
  5. Water is something that your body needs. You can effectively improve the health of your family by assuring that they will drink it.


  1. Filter systems can initially be slightly costly and in some cases they require installation by professionals in order to assure that they work correctly.
  2. You will need to purchase replacement filters as they are needed on a regular basis.

Products that Aquasana Offers Include the Following:

  • Filter Systems – attachable to your faucet, these filters will filter all of the water that emits from that faucet area in your house, making it cleaner and more pure than any other water in the home.
  • Whole House Water Filters – The whole house style water filters are a large filtration system that will filter all of the water entering the home prior to its entering the faucets.
  • Water Softeners – removing a vast array of impurities, these softeners also help to prevent mineral content from causing problems with your clothing as it is laundered.
  • Drinking Water Filters – filtration systems that are attached to a pitcher. The water is placed in the pitcher or water bottle and that water is filtered and impurities removed from it.
  • Shower Filters – Touted as the ultimate health and beauty treatment, impurities, minerals and chemicals are removed from the water as it passes through the filter on the way out of the shower head.
  • Replacement Filters – replacement filters are necessary to ensure that your Aquasana filter system continues to provide you with clean and healthy water.
  • Water For Life Program – According to Aquasana, the Water for Life Program is a long term discount program.

The Pricing for an Aquasana water Purification System

The pricing that you will pay for each of the filter systems will vary dependent upon the systems. Each system effectively filters a specific amount of water, from a single pitcher that is used for drinking water, to a filter system for your shower, down to a whole house system. Whether you are taking a small filter system or a whole house, the prices are relatively cost effective.

Pricing for an Aquasana Water Filter:

Prices, at the time writing this review, of Aquasana products are as follows:

  • Drinking water Filter systems start at just 49.99
  • Whole House Water Filter systems start at $685.99
  • Shower Filter Systems begin at $39.99
  • Powered Filter Water Systems begin at $199.99
  • Salt Free Water Softeners begin at $1456.28
  • Salt Free Water Softeners begin at $856.79

Areas Serviced:

Aquasana company serves every state in the United States with water filter systems. Their 800 number will assist you in finding a dealer in your immediate area. For US services, you may phone 866-662-6885. Aquasana services areas around the world with different filtration equipment as their needs dictate. From Australia to the Philippines, from Norway to Vietnam, you can find the Aquasana filter system that you’re seeking. Check the service pages of the website in order to obtain contact information for the varies countries that are served by Aquasana.

What Customers Say:

Aquasana users are found in nearly every state and municipality. Generally they offer high rankings about the Aquasana products. A few of the user reviews that are found on the Aquasana site as well as at Amazon include these:

If you are like me, you don’t like drinking out of plastic bottles. Sure, some of them claim to be BPA-free, but what else is in them? Plastic is a manufactured material with lots of possible contaminants that can leach out into your water over time. Plastic is especially volatile when exposed to heat, such as when you leave plastic bottles in the sun or run them through your dishwasher. This happens in common usage, and few of us stop to think about what kind of chemicals we are ingesting with our water. Now there is a better solution than plastic bottles of water.
– Brook,

I waited on this purchase until I could read sufficient reviews stating others were in love with them. Succumbing to peer pressure, I made the purchase and am so happy I did!
– V Hanline on

I am a repeat Aquasana customer and signed up for Water For Life this time around. I did my research 3 years ago when renovating a kitchen at my last house – had the prior version of this AQ-4601 installed and it worked great. Didn’t think twice about ordering it again for my current house.
– M. Rodriguez

Reviewer Recommendations and Comments about Aquasana

Our research in this Aquasana review has found that overall, Aquasana seems to be a well received and reasonable way to make your water purer and taste better. It is, according to the manufacturer, able to remove even the most mineral-like taste and to remove other impurities.

Customers say that the filters will vary in price a great deal, dependent upon the place of purchase. It is their recommendation that customers secure the filters from the company or a hardware store rather than to purchase them in secondary or specialty stores where they may cost significantly more.

Further, customers recommend that the unit needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it free of dust and that there may be a hard water buildup after a time that requires cleaning by the company.

Aquasana has earned the following awards:

  • NSF Certified
  • 2014 Best Practices Award
  • Americas Healthiest Award
  • Housewares Executive 2014 Gold Innovation Award

If you would like to find additional information about Aquasana featured in this review, or if you would like to explore their website, then